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Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Rob Dickman, UK, October 2008
Had a fantastic time. The trails were brilliant, bike was good, and Nige and Mandie are really friendly. Shame they're from Yorkshire though!!!!! (Only kidding). Can fully recommend the 4 hour tour for anyone, in fact I was having that much fun that I never noticed the time going by and could have stayed out for another 4 hours. Rob.
Glen Maycock, UK, October 2008
Thank's for a great day out,I really enjoyed myself, had a grin from ear to ear for the rest of my holiday,
Good luck in the future to you both and hope to come back sometime.
Martin McCaffrey, Ireland September 9th 2008
Had an absolutely fantastic day. Great bikes with top notch "Sachs" suspension, really comfortable and easy to control, though on the road with those long forks pronounced countersteer is the order of the day, which is really fun!
Nige's a great guy and I hadn't been on a trail bike in years so we started out at 30/35kmh and by the time we were on the way back were doing 85/90 on the same and rougher tracks, total hoot, then his good lady had sandwiches ready on our return. All in all I'd thoroughly recommend a day in their company. i actually wanted to get back for another day but circumstances didn't allow, but I will go back to Fuerteventura and will definitely revisit "Backtrax" when I do!!
Rob (the grin) Aird, Leeds, UK, September 2008
Awesome!!!!!!!! (says it all really and he didnt stop grinning for the rest of his holiday)
Dave Wilson, UK, September 2008
You might remember Frank from Luxembourg and I did the Shipwreck tour
a week ago.
I wanted to write a little thankyou, the tour was thoroughly enjoyable
and as a novice rider I found it comfortable, safe, exhilarating and
thoroughly enjoyable!  I was amazed that I seemed to be at the same
level as Frank - I think I have no fear
Shaun Jackson, UK.  21st April 2008.
"Just a quick note to say thanks very much for a great days riding on Monday and only wish had done it sooner in the holiday as would have been back for another go. 
Stefan Wojcicki, UK.  .
Just a short note to thank you for a great day out!  Your expert coaching and safety measures made it a very enjoyable and SAFE trip.  I. had a great time in general but with the bike trip being something I probably wouldn´t have done on my own really put the icing on the cake.  I can see why Terry does it year after year and why he and Suzanne regard you as friends, you are nice people and I hope to see you again.
Gary Smith, UK. 

"Still got the grin on my face!  A top tour,. top bikes, top kit, top staff.  What more can I say?  A massive thanks.  The best day of my holiday!"
Phil Atkinson, UK.  
"I just wanted to say thanks for a brilliant day, the way the route was planned and guided to match our experience was fantastic.  I had a fantastic time and it was the highlight of my holiday".
Vincent van Elk, Netherlands
"With a smile on my face having flashbacks of sandy roads and spinning tyres.  Never to forget this experience!"
Peter Damen, Netherlands.
"Just a note to say thanks again for the really great time that I had with you on the tour I took with Backtrax.  I can honestly say that the tour was the best day of my holiday in Fuerteventura.  For a beginner like me the trip was challenging but never unsafe due to professional guidance and top equipment. 
Bob Peacock, UK. 
"Thanks very much for an excellent days riding.  It really made my holiday",
Bert Brookes, UK
"Please thank Dave for the professional touring guide bit, he always makes me laugh too.  I enjoy any of the tours out together, this year was made more fun by him I felt.  The two Italian customers were also good company, and your Spanish "rear guard" was very helpful. 
Alan Elsworth, UK.
"Just a quick note to say thanks for the afternoon fun and games when we were on the island last week.  As a ´virgin´ off roader I was very impressed with every aspect of your set-up.  The gear and bikes are spot on.  I never felt pushed or out of my depth at any time and would ask you find a space on the website to put this as encouragement for anyone visting the island who have never tried it to have a go.  If anyone reading this is not sure where to take their holiday, go to the island just to have a go.  I never visit the same place twice but I think I will have to make an exception in this case so I can do the bigger tour with the lads.  Hope to see you soon".
Keith Fothergill, UK.  
Just to say thanks for the excellent Shipwreck tour I took part in last week.  I´ve not added a link to my website - as I enjoyed it so much, I´ve added a page!  My website is www.desmo.org.uk.  Click on Try This Biking Experience on the main page and it takes you to the offending page!  If you can e-mail me the pictures from the Valentines Day tour, I´l add them too!  Cheers!
Hugo Thompson, UK
What a great ride out I had on the shipwreck tour.  We had a really great ride out. Some super terrain with even the odd jump or two. Although my biking background spans 25years and is currently limited to road riding, I hadn't ridden off road for 9 years.  However I needn't have worried because the Husky is a super tool. Really light and forgiving with some decent poke too! The guide also makes a good assessment of ability and adjusts pace to suit. Whilst it is clear we were not to abuse the bikes, there was no doubt that the mission was to use them as intended which equaled FUN FUN FUN!!! Having come from Wet Wales it was great for me and my family to steal a week of Summer in January and the
Backtrax tour was the highlight of the trip.
John Black, UK.  
"I have owned and ridden motorcycles for the last 25 years.  Without a doubt, the 4 days I spent riding with Backtrax was the best time I have had on two wheels.
1st trail (Local Tour) I was riding like a big woose tensing up when I crossed rocks or soft sandy bits etc.  I could feel my confidence rising as the day went on and by the end of the ride, I was already looking forward to the next day´s trail.
On the 2nd and 3rd trails (Shipwreck ´A´ Tour and North Tour) my riding ability just got better and better.  Before where I used to tense up at tricky bits my new found confidence and ability let me attack and really enjoy everything we came across.
4th tour (Mountain Tour) is by far the best tour.  By this point I was really comfortable to get my speed up, this made the riding even more pleasurable.  I got a real sense of achievement being able to do the more technical bits.  One of the more memorable points was getting to the top of a mountain where the riding involved some really rocky technical bits, just brilliant.
I was very fortunate in that the 4 days riding I did with you, 3 of them were just the guide and me.  I couldn´t have had a better guide, very knowledgable and I could sense the pace increasing just when he thought it was the right time and my abilities would allow.  Please pass on my thanks to Javier as he made my trip all the better.  You got a great guy there, look after him.  Keep your eyes open for those invisible fences Javier!
Well, that´s me back in freezing Scotland but with a new vigour for getting my MX bike dirty.  Thanks for a brilliant time guys.  I really would recommend you to anyone.  I don´t usually consider holidays to the same place again, Fuerteventura could be the exception here, it was that good. 
All the best in 2007 and I hope you go from strength to strength.  Thanks very much."
Erwin Homan, Holland.  
"Last week, we did the tour to the shipwreck with Javi.  I am still smiling when thinking of the trijp.  Easy and pretty safe for someone with limited off road experience, but very enjoyable.  Thanks again!"
Ian Wheeler, UK.  
"Had to send some feedback for the brilliant ride out.  For anybody going out to Fuerteventura with any sort of bike experience, be it on or off road, this really is a must.  I was out there for two weeks and nearly didn´t do it.  Went out on the last day.  So glad I did, the grin factor is 10/10 without having to do anything silly.  The scenery and views are just stunning, the whole ride is made easy from start to finish.  Booking is easy (take your licence), clothing and kit is brilliant and clean, bikes are easy to ride, nice soft power delivery.  Dave, who took me out, stopped every so often and explained what was ahead (he leads the way anyway to make sure you don´ do anything silly) and soon susses out your ability and rides accordingly.  Have to say it was the best day of my holiday.   All I can say is just do it. 
P.S.  Don´t let the missus talk you out of it.  Still, grinning, thanks!"
Martin Hoare, UK.  
"Thanks for a great day out, really enjoyed myself.    If we go to the island again, you can be sure I´l be knocking on your door.  Thanks,  can you thank Steve (Cool Runnings) for me please, great trike trip."
Glen Harrison, UK.  
"I had a really fantastic day.  You are all brilliant and to finish the day off, the trike trip home was great too.  I hope these photos are good enough for you.  Thanks again for a great day.,  Hope to see you again next year!"
Rob Hunter, UK
"Just a quick thank you for the wonderful couple of excursions   I would certainly give my highest recommendations to anyone about the excellent service offered.  Hopefully see you in the future and wish you both every success."
Anthony Horabin, UK.  
"Would just like to thank everyone again for such a great time last Wednesday on the bike tour.  I have included some photos of the day for use on your website if you wish.  Well, if I ever get back to Fuerteventura, I will be booking another day out with you for sure!"
Howard Pridmore, Shaun Woffinden & Martin Carter, UK. 
"Just a quick email to say thanks for the couple of rides you managed to fit in for us on our recent visit to Fuerte.  It´s been some time since I´ve (Howard) been out on a bike but with your expert instruction it certainly took the fear factor out of any hesitation I may have had.  Mart´s purchased an off road bike since his return to the UK and I will be paying a visit to my friends who run Leisure Trail UK in Long Eaton to see what they´ve got!  I will be returning to Fuerte in September where hopefully you can possibly fit me in for a ride or two.  Ability level slightly above Novice I think?!  Hopefully see you soon..."
Dave Simpson, UK.  
"Just to say thank you for your time and patience for a novice ride off road.  From the minute I arrived at Backtrax, I was made to feel at home with a very warm welcome from all in the building.
I was very nervous as I had not ridden a bike for about 6 years.  All safety aspects were clearly explained to me and the clothing I was supplied with were like new (very clean).  The bikes were like new and very easy to ride, plenty of power for the pros but to potter like me, it was great fun!!!!!!  I was the only person on the tour that day so the tour was of my own choice as to where we went and how long we were on the bike/had a break.  One the tour,  gave good clear instruction as to the type of surface we would be riding on and what was the best way to ride the bike.  As I was a novice, he was calm and very helpful.  I cannot think of a better way to see the island and with such a professional outfit as Backtrax.  Many thanks for the tour and info on the island.  One day I will be back and come and have another blast.  Well, I say blast...the wind blew faster than I rode!  Thanks again
Bert Brooks, UK.  
"Thanks very much for organising my two days of trail riding.  It really is my way of fulfilling a ´dream´.  I always look forward to coming to your island and riding around it by motorcycle.  My recent visit was just as memorable as my first time in 2005.  I really enjoyed the rides, plus a safe leader , just great!! 
Thank him for being a good guide and careful enough to get me back in one piece. Keep up the good work and may see you again before 2006 is out.  All the best from a cold and damp England."
Luca Cossia, Italy.  
"I would like to thank you once again for the wonderful time we spent together and I really hope to come back again and take part to a drive (and an English) class, maybe organising a special trip (only enduro) with some friends.  Please accept my kind regards and hope to see you soon."
Terry Tuckley, UK.  
"Please thank Andy and Javi for a fantastic time last Sunday (I hope I did not hold them up too much!).  I have been promising myself this trip for years and have finally achieved my ambition.  Additionally I must say that although Andy kept us going at a demanding pace (for my abilities),  his safety awareness was superb.  Once again, thanks to your friendly,. helpful bunch of people for a great day."
Steve Rix, UK.  30th March 2006
"Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how much I enjoyed the tour during our holdiay.  Great fun   Back in the UK since last night and it´s rubbish.  5 inches of snow on my car this morning!  We´ve soooo got to find a way of moving out there!"
Mike Griffiths, Wales.  21st January 2006
"Just come back from a week in Fuerteventura which was made all the better from having spent 5 hours on Saturday with Dave, Andy, Tom and Steve.  So I want to say a BIG thanks to Dave and his team for one of the most enjoyable days off road biking for a very long time.  Saw a lot more of the island than expected and what a way to see it.  I know what I will be doing next time I go back to Fuerteventura.  Good luck with the TE250´s."
Dave Taylor & Mick Harvey, UK.  28th December, 2nd & 7th January 2006.
"Just a quick note to say thanks to you and the team for three superb days dirt riding with you.  Mick and myself had a brilliant time and wouldn´t hesitate to recommend you to anyone thinking of taking an off-road holiday in Fuerteventura."
Adriano Ghedina, Spain.  10th December 2005
"I had a tour with you during my honeymoon.  I send you two pictures just for fun.  I really enjoyed the tour, even though I thought it was going to be a little harder.  Anyway, as the KTM was new for me I appreciate the experience.  I do hope to visit Fuertevneutra again and try the new TE250."
Paul Cheshire, UK.  4th December  2005
"Wishing you all a very Merry Xmas and an extremely successful 2006.  My wife and I had a fantastic time in Caleta, the highlights being my day out with Backtrax on the bikes and our fun day out with Steve on the trike.  Hope to see you all again next  year."
Peter Meyvaert, Belgium
"I rode two rides with you two weeks ago and I had a grrrrreat time....Anyway, thanks for the fine memory.  I will never again visit Fuerteventura without doing a Backtrax ride that´s for sure!"
Bert Brooks, UK.  
"Words have failed me for the first time.  At 66 years of age, that is one big statement.  At last I can say thank you to all of you for your excellent service and kindness.  My week´s holiday on Fuerteventura was made into something special, just awesome....the tours were very different, one with loose sand, the other with long hard packed trails.  I don´t have a favourite, both were just great for me, very satisfying indeed and etched into my memory.  See you all next year."
Paul Harrison, UK.  
"Back home now, s****y weather in the UK.  Here are the pics that I took on the tour with you guys.  It was an excellent experience, will be doing it again next year.  Cheers."
Phil Hopkins, UK
"I just wanted to say thank you for a great day when we went to the shipwreck, can´t wait til next year to do it again.  Many thanks."
Paul Brassington, UK  
"I really enjoyed the experience of riding an enduro bike a lot.    Now I´m back in England, I´m hoping to take up this kind of riding."
Dan Hunt, UK.  
"Just a quick mail to say thank you very much for a fantastic day on the bikes.  We really had a good time and will certainly recommend it to anybody coming out."
Paul Feather, UK. 
"Just a quick note to say thanks for a great morning out last Thursday.  I really did not know what to expect having never been off road or ridden a trails bike.  I felt at ease straight away having been welcomed so warmly.  It was great that there were only the 3 of us and there was no pressure to speed along from the off.  By the end I felt I had gained in confidence and this is really thanks to Dave and the relaxed and safe way he conducts the tour.  My only disappointment was not coming across the camels he promised would be around the corner!!
It took the rest of the day to stop the inane grin in my face.  I have already been chatting away about the experience with my riding mates and will be coming out with you when I return to the island for another holiday."
Kat and Richard, UK.  5th May 2005
"Just a quick message to say thank you for the day out last Saturday - it was absolutely fantastic!  A great way to see the island and have a play at the same time.  Cheers to all the guys who helped us on the tour."
Robert Post, Holland.  
"Still enjoying the ride, it was great fun.  Hereby the pics we took on the ride.  The next time I´m around will do the tour again."
Adrian Krause, UK.  
"I´d like to say thanks for the ride, it was a pleasure after so many years."
Henning Wellmann, Germany. 
"Thanks a lot for the great experience.  As an absolute off-road rookie, I had lots of fun and enjoyed every single minute of the trip (...and I did not suffer a lot the day after :-)  Be sure, next time in Fuerteventura, we´ll see again!"