One of the biggest factors in deciding whether you are going to book this holiday or not is often what we call the 'I wonder' syndrome.  In other words... "I wonder if I am good enough to do this, I've never done it before"...Fear ye not!

With our years of experience behind us, please take comfort in the fact that the last thing we are going to do is clear off into the distance in a cloud of dust leaving you to chase us as best you can!...This is not what we are about! is both irresponsible and in some cases, downright dangerous.

Here at Backtrax we can safely say that around 70% of all our clients have never done trail-riding in their lives.  They are usually first-timers at this fantastic pastime and are very nervous initially!  See our ´What Others Say´ page and read some of the comments from first timers.

We don't set you targets...we don't push you harder and harder as the tour progresses...but we do let you find your own pace and respect the level of riding you are comfortable with...Always!

Of course we will always be there to offer any helpful tips and advice should you need it.  The one thing we can GUARANTEE is that your riding and bike control will reach a level you may not have thought possible.

To sum up, one of the best comments we had was from one of our first-timers, Andrew Walsh from Brighton in the UK..." The money I paid for this tour was incredible value for money...You never once asked me to do anything I wouldn't be happy with...I would have paid double had I known how much I was gonna learn with you guys"!! (needless to say he kept his hand in his pocket)! but this is just a typical example of how good these tours are and, of course, goes a long way in acknowledging our total professionalism.

If you want to race along at 100mph off-road may we suggest you try your luck with one of the other companies offering similar kinds of tours?  The majority all think like we do, but you never know, you might just get (un)lucky!

Yes, we love riding bikes  but we are also safety aware at all times,  which is priceless!

Now you may be thinking something like "Bloody hell, this sounds really boring etc etc"If you were to find this boring then you simply don't have a soul !!!....boring it never is.....exciting, fun and adventurous?......oh yes, by the shedload !

Safe Biking! 

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